Tips For Keeping Warm In Bed

There’s certainly a nip in the air and as we hurtle into winter, there’s nothing more comforting than curling up for a long sleep in a warm, cosy bed. According to one survey around half (49%) the population suffers sleepless nights because of the cold. There’s nothing worse than lying in bed shivering. With temperatures usually at their lowest in the early hours, many people find that they are sometimes too cold and uncomfortable to be able to get a good night’s sleep. Here’s some great tips to keep you warm in bed so you get the quality sleep you need:Wear night clothes such as pyjamas or a large T-shirt to keep you warm. Natural fibres such as wool, cotton or silk will keep you warmer than synthetic materials.Get rid of icy toes by putting on a pair of super soft bed socks. The extra layer under the covers can help improve circulation in your extremities, which can help you fall asleep more quickly.Have a warm (not hot!) bath just before you go to bed. This will warm you up and wi…

Do You Know When You Should Replace Your Bed?

If you’ve spent every night with your mattress for years, maybe now’s the time to think about replacing it. While there is no official ‘use by’ date on a mattress, there is definitely a best before! And that means before your sleep starts suffering – yet most people only replace their mattresses when they’re finding them truly uncomfortable. We often don’t take into account that it is not just about how the mattress looks or feels – there are other factors involved. Your mattress may look okay to the naked eye but what’s really going on inside?  Is it still supporting you correctly? Is it still offering the optimum levels of comfort? There’s also the hygiene aspect too. Each year you shed a pound of skin (454 grams) into your mattress and lose around half a pint (285 ml) of moisture while sleeping each night.  Plus regular mattress replacement is vital to reduce the prevalence of the house dust mites linked with many allergic health problems. Don’t forget if you’ve had your mattress …

Best Drinks Before Bedtime

Whether it’s a nightcap, a good cuppa or a hot cocoa what you drink before bedtime can be the difference between a good night’s rest and a disturbed one. Read on to find out what the best drinks are to consume before bedtime and how they affect sleep. Hot Cocoa or ChocolateA classic pre-bedtime beverage but hot cocoa isn’t to be confused with hot chocolate. Cocoa is powder without the fat from the cocoa butter whereas ‘drinking chocolate’ is shavings or pellets of chocolate melted and mixed with milk, cream or water. The drawback of hot chocolate is not just the caffeine but the sugar content.  It also contains phenylethylamine, which causes a natural high. Warm milkIt’s an age old remedy but calcium is known to aid restful sleep which is why many sleep experts recommend a nice warm mug of milk before bed! It is effective in stress reduction and stabilisation of nerve fibres, including those in the brain – plus the psychological link between milk and going to bed might be responsible f…

Staddon & Sons


Staddons has been supplying the trade and public since 1919, Located in Nottingham, England. Staddon & Sons takes pride in offering world wide service sending products all around the globe. Staddons sold everything from clothing to mattresses in numourous stores but has narrowed down to selling just beds and mattresses one in store.